Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Use a ScreenOS device to run JUNOS

Hi All,

Because of the nice coming SRX devices for the Branch, more and more people will need to learn JUNOS. Because most of use are used to work with ScreenOS, we also have more ScreenOS devices then JUNOS ones (SSG320/SSG350/SSG520/SSG550 instead of the J-series).

Well here is a how to, that explains how you can make a usb stick ready to run JUNOS and use this one on a device that is running ScreenOS.

First we need 1 device that runs JUNOS (j-series), on this device we will plug in the USB stick and create a copy of the OS.

root@router>request system snapshot as-primary partition media usb
Clearing current label...
Partitioning usb media (da0) ...
Partitions on snapshot:

Partition Mountpoint Size Snapshot argument
a / 1024MB root-size
e /config 196MB config-size
g /data 701MB data-size
Running newfs (1024MB) on usb media / partition (da0s1a)...
Running newfs (196MB) on usb media /config partition (da0s1e)...
Running newfs (701MB) on usb media /data partition (da0s1g)...
Copying '/dev/ad0s1a' to '/dev/da0s1a' .. (this may take a few minutes)
Copying '/dev/ad0s1e' to '/dev/da0s1e' .. (this may take a few minutes)
The following filesystems were archived: / /config

After this we can use this USB stick to use in a ScreenOS device (or in a JUNOS device)

IF you want to use this USB stick on a JUNOS device do the following:

root@router> request system reboot media usb

This will make the router reboot and boot from USB stick (you can use this to test upgrades for example)

IF you want to use this USB stick on a ScreenOS device do the following:

SSG350M-> System change state to Active(1)

SSG350M-> set boot junos usb
Boot device has been set to USB
Configuration modified, save? [y]/n n
System reset, are you sure? y/[n] y
In reset ...

After this you will boot in JUNOS (so you are running JUNOS on a ScreenOS device).

When you do a "request system reboot", he will boot back from Compact Flash and will ofcourse run ScreenOS again.

I use this to have a lot of JUNOS devices, because we have a lot of SSG in our lab running ScreenOS. (Most deployed devices at customers are ScreenOS, But this can/will change now with the SRX Branch devices.