Friday, April 17, 2009

Redundante VPN tunnels

I made a other movie explaining how redundante vpn's work on juniper firewalls.

hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Things I keep struggling with

I love to teach people, give sales people technical updates, presales and do all the architect stuff.

But I always say that you can't do the above stuff if you don’t do all the Technical stuff yourself. This means you also need to do implementations, go into the lab and test new features, etc.

For me this isn’t a real problem, because I love to do the technical stuff. But the biggest problem with this is that most of the time I don’t have the time to do it all.

Also if I want to grow to a higher function (technical manager, service manager, etc). I will have to release some of these tasks. But then again I am convinced you need the technical stuff to be able to do the presales, architect tasks,And I have it very hard to release the deep technical experience.

So the question is …., is there a function where you can still be deep technical and convince people to buy some products, because you believe in them. (If I believe in something (and this mostly based on technical features), I will be a big evangelist of this product.

So the perfect job for me would be something where I can combine these task (deep technical, train people, convince customers (presales), play with the newest features, etc.

The big question is………., those this job exist? (Product marketing engineer, …..)

Let me know what you thing about the above.