Sunday, April 1, 2007

My Life At Work

Competence Domain Captain Secure Converged Networks

At this stage Belgacom bought Telindus, and after some months there where some things that where changing...

Once again a headhunter contacted me for a job at JUNIPER (which has bought netscreen), i thougth my old dream would maybe come out now...
But once again, they stopped interviewing me at last stage (meeting with person of juniper) when juniper saw i was working for Telindus.

Then a litle company called Securelink asked a friend of mine if he wanted to join them. (This friend was Tim Carlens).They are a company specialised in all the Juniper product, bluecoat, nortel, etc.

He also asked if they needed someone else to. this was the case, so they talked to me.

Couple of months later we both joined Securelink.

Technical Security Consultant

Well i think Telindus was sure i wasn't a youngster anymore and decided i could leave the Junior title.

Because Security group was getting bigger, with alot of new people starting (new people from school), they needed someone that could train and guide thess young people. At this time there where 3 big groups

- Application and System security
- Emerging Technoligies
- Secure Converged Network

They wanted a person for each group, that would be technical trained of that group, define the futher of this group and decide what will be important.

I was intrested to pick up that task for the last group. But, i wasn't the only one (15 candidates). After some interviews, they decided i was the best person for this task and became...

Interview with Headhunter (For Netscreen)

BUT, BUT, BUT, my succes was also my pain .... :(, I was loving this product more and more! And my new dream was to work for this company. Then the real pain started ..., Because Telindus was a Big partner of Netscreen. After some interviews via Headhunters, they always needed to stop the interview because i was working for Telindus....

Started at Telindus (System Engineer)

After the 6 months of training (basic network training (See my CV for which courses i had)) i started at the Switching and Routing section of Telindus. Then i decided i was gona study the Cisco stuff (strange isn't it :), i choosed to work for Telindus instead of Cisco, but i still wanted to know there products))

After 7 months i finished my CCNP (while working).

In this periode, Security was getting my attention more and more, so i decided for myself this was the way to go. Security at Telindus was just started up (5 persons), i did some more studing and passed CCNA (Checkpoint), NSA (Nokia) which where the products they did most.

Then there was a litle firewall company who called themself "Netscreen", who only had 3 model ns5, ns10 and ns100. There Checkpoint and Cisco Pix where the most used firewalls at Telindus, this netscreen device was new, i thought i give it a try.

Then things went fast! I was surprised by the box and believed that this would become very important firewall in the market. I followed there courses and did the exams: Passed NCSA and NCSP.

Product Captain Netscreen

After some time i became responseble for Netscreen product within Telindus, this is when i gave myself the task to make it product number 1 at telindus!

After 2-3 Years, We (Me and my close buddy "Tim Carlens") succided with this plan .... Netscreen is product number one at Telindus.

First Job

When i finished school i wanted to know more about Networks. Because of this i have send a letter to 2 companies.

One of them was Cisco. They called me up and did a interview via my mobile phone, once for a plain interview and one time for a technical interview. After some hours they called me back to tell me i was in, and could come to there office is Belgium (Diegem).

But, i also had send a letter to Telindus, which is a company that does designs, installations, etc of a lot of products (Cisco, Checkpoint, Nortel, Juniper, Bluecoat, etc). Before the call of Cisco i went already for one interview to telindus, and they wanted me be a part of a group of people who would get 6 months of training.

The day after Cisco told me on the phone that i could work for them, i had a 2 interview with Telindus, which was technical. After this interview, someone from HR showed me the training plan (6 months) and what they would pay me and which car i would get. Me just finishing school, this was like a dream (new car, 6 months training and after this the best people could choose what they wanted to do)

So i couldn't resist this offer.

I called Cisco and explained that i wasn't gona join them, because i joined Telindus.

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