Friday, June 6, 2008

Juniper Master of Systems Engineering

Hey All,

I am pretty proud to tell you all I have been rewarded with the Title: Master of System Engineering of Juniper Networks

This reward is given to people that do innovating projects with juniper products.

From left to right: Nico Siebelink, Juniper Systems Engineering Manager & Wim De Smet, SecureLink Consultant


Tarek said...

This is really interesting, congratulations.

By they way, what's was your innovative project about?

Wim De Smet (aka Frac) said...


well it was a big firewall/vpn project with NSM, besides that also everywhere WXC managed by CMS.


Munpe Q said...


NDCool said...

hi frac,
nice to know u...
i'm work with juniper products also..