Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Passed the JNCIE-SEC lab exam!


I am very proud to tell you all that i passed my JNCIE-SEC lab exams.

Later this week i will make a post on how i prepared myself for this exams.



Dony Hanggono said...

Hi Frac,

Congratulations on your success on the JNCIE-SEC lab exam !!

I will wait your post about your preparation in the exam, I hope you can share your experience because I will take in next december



Jauhar said...

Congratulations on this achievement... Keep it up...Will you let me know, your JNCIE (Sec) number...You have any knowledge, who is a first person to get this certificate.

Jimmy said...

Very nice job indeed! Congratulations on getting your IE!

Mark said...

Congratulations on this accomplishment, Wim!

Optimus Prime said...

Great Job !!

Will be waiting for your next blog on prepration.

Danny Howerton said...

Congrats on passing! I am scheduled to take it in mid September so I am eagerly looking forward to more details.

Optimus Prime said...

HI Frac

Can you please share test lab topology for exam preparation ?

That would be huge help, Since lot of guys are pursing for exams including me.

Thank you

Optimus Prime said...

Hi Frac

Just to mention about my last post

I mean to say, your preparation topology, how many SRX you've used and how you connected to simulate different scenarios.

I hope that is no violation of NDA.

Roomi said...

Great Job Man!!! kindly share your Experience with us...